BEPPU PROJECT | 2018.10.16

NPO法人BEPPU PROJECTが2008年より継続開催しているアーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラム『KASHIMA』。このプログラムのためにフランスから招聘されたアーティスト、サブリナ・ヴィタリが現在別府に滞在し、リサーチを行っています。



Sabrina Vitali

Inflicting heat to sugar, inflating or adding colors to things that have been tempered into the shape of candy – installations and performances that focus on transformation is what defines the art of Sabrina Vitali. She began her research at the end of September with an interest in Beppu’s abundant wealth of hot springs, steam and the color transformations caused by the composition of hot springs. What kind of influence will the results bring about to her art? 
We will hold her Artist Talk. We look forward to having you join us!

※Sorry,It's only Japanese and French.However you will be able to see a lot of pictures of her art works.

【アーティスト・トーク / Artist Talk : Savlina Vitali】

日時:10/23(火/ tue) 19:00〜20:30
会場:yoiya (別府市北浜1-1-16 1-1-16,Kitahama,Beppu-city,)
Admission free  / no reservation required 




Related events and Exhibition

会期 : 10/6 (土) 〜11/2 (金)
時間 : 11:00〜18:00 火曜休み
会場 : やよい天狗通り内 菓子店跡 (別府市北浜1-4-6) 

Open Studio
Date : 10/6 (Sat) 〜11/2 (Fri)
Time : 11:00〜18:00 Close on Tuesday
Venue : Studio (1-4-6,Kitahama,Beppu City,)
Admission free 
When she is researching outside, there may be times when it is closed.

会期:11/3(土)〜11/25 (日)
時間:11:00〜18:00 火曜休み
会場:platform05 (別府市中央町9-3) 

Date:11/3(Sat)〜11/25 (San)
Time:11:00〜18:00 Close on Tuesday
Venue:platform05 (9-3,chuoucho,Beppu) 
Admission free 

日時:11/4 (日)15:00〜 (30分程度を予定) 
会場:やよい天狗通り内 菓子店跡 (別府市北浜1-4-6)

Date:11/4 (Sun)15:00〜 (Around 30 min) 
Venue : Studio (1-4-6,Kitahama,Beppu City,)
Admission free 


Sabrina Vitali サブリナ・ヴィタリ


Sabrina vitali
Sabrina Vitali is a french visual artist born in 1986 in Thionville, living and working in Paris, France.
She graduated with honours from National School of Fine Arts of Paris, France in 2010. 
She creates ephemeral installations activated by ritualized performances. Part of his work is made of sugar sculptures. She handling this material by fire, like glass: colored, shaped and blowed. She is interested in the birth of the forms and the different stages of the life of an ephemeral work of art : from manufacture to destruction. These different stages follow one another and create a cycle of metamorphoses. Her installations are baroque bodies deployed in space like living architectures. Her works are elaborated according to a dialectic of the structure and the surface. For this, she develops and choreographs methods of handling that contribute to the meaning and the poetry of the forms they generate.