BEPPU PROJECT | 2019.8.31

We "BEPPU PROJECT" is calling artist who living Wales for our residence program "KASHIMA 2019 BEPPU ARTIST IN RESIDENCE".



Bring the potential of art into society helping to realize a world full of diverse ideas.

BEPPU PROJECT is a non-profit art organization based in Beppu city (Oita Prefecture, South of Japan), known as one of the world’s greatest hot spring areas.

Founded in April 2005, we have since implemented various activities such as the introduction and promotion of local and international art. Regarding the regional aspect, development of human resources, promotion of craft products and savoir-faire, we have achieved this through holding art projects. With these projects, we hope to develop local potential through art, and make more regional places attractive for the world.

As a medium to promote new ideas and new systems, the art is here to raise our attention, and to stimulate creativity. Thus, art can help to take the everyday life with a different perspective. We truly believe that creativity is a resource for the future.

BEPPU PROJECT is a “creative hub”, to create a new value, to make a solution for various issues.



“KASHIMA BEPPU ARTIST IN RESIDENCE” is a residence program that BEPPU PROJECT hold in Beppu since 2008. In Japanese, “KASHIMA” refers to the name of the place where you stay when you heal your body and soul in a bath/spa area. One of the aim of residence is to promote and develop, in connection with local community, the artist and creation.


■ Program Theme

“Can we still believe in stories?”

The city of Beppu boasts the most bountiful natural hot springs in all of Japan. Those hot springs made the city a major tourist destination during the The Meiji Era (1868 - 1912) when Japan became a modernized country. Escaping the damage of World War II, the Beppu experienced a great leap in economic growth, bringing with it large scale development. When the economic bubble collapsed, however, the city lost much of its fervor. Tourism dwindled, and the number of young people opting to settle in Beppu is still in decline today. Modern civilization produces new advancements every day, but has it brought us happiness?

The theme of the “KASHIMA 2019 BEPPU ARTIST IN RESIDENCE” is “Can we still believe in stories?”. In Beppu, a city where the traces of modernization have left their deep marks, this open call is directed toward artists who give shape to miniature stories lifted from everyday life, and those who create art that finds hope.


■ Schedule of Residency Program


Applicant must keep the residency program schedule:

- Application deadline; October 11th 2019, 6 pm JST

- Result Announcement; October 21st 2019

  *Result will be on our website. We will notice directly only to selected artist.

- Residency term; January 20th to March 11th, 2020

  *A period must be over 30 days, the date can be flexible.


■ Condition for application 

* The condition is the same for person or group.


Number of Artist: 1 (person or a group)

Application must;

  • living in Wales over 3 years.
  • have the experience of artwork at Wales over 3 years.
  • be non-Japanese in nationality.
  • be able to speak and understand either English or Japanese in order to communicate with staff and the local community..
  • be able to understand and follow the purpose of the AIR program, and conduct own activities autonomously during their stay.
  • be over 20 years old.
  • report the residency process by using website or SNS in English.
  • have the clear purpose to participate the AIR program.
  • create the artwork to exhibit during the residency.
  • make a presentation event at least 1 time during the residency.
  • be able to follow the regulations of the facility.

Support condition

  • Artwork creation fee up to 300,000 JPY (incl. tax)
  • Transportation costs, go to Beppu city and return
  • Living expenses : 3,000 JPY(incl. tax) per day
  • platform 05 for accommodation and working space (including bedding and heating expenses)
  • Space for exhibition
  • Necessary fee for presentation event
  • Necessary coordination for research and creation
  • Arrangement of translation staff and working volunteers
  • The condition is the same for person or group.


■ How to Apply


Please mail us the application form and your portfolio formatted by PDF (under 10MB)

-  Subject of the mail should be “KASHIMA 2019 Application _ your name”.

Application form is able to download from below.

Application Form (PDF)
Application Form (Word)


■ Detail information 

Please download "Application Guideline" and "Application Form".
Application Guidelines (PDF)
  ■ Contact


2F Sugakenzai BLDG, 2-35, Noguchimotomachi, Beppu City, 874-0933, Oita Prefecture, JAPAN